Our Partners


"We are very pleased to contribute to the creation of the new ESSEC Sports Chair, which naturally fits into Allianz’s involvement in the sports ecosystem. Our global Olympic and Paralympic partnership will contribute to the influence of this think tank of academic excellence and will undoubtedly inspire the leaders of sport and e-sport of tomorrow. We are delighted to promote access to student innovation, by allowing ESSEC students to contribute to projects that are both innovative and socially responsible in the areas of marketing and communication, and in the insurance and sports business."

Nathalie Lahmi, Directrice Marque et Communication d’Allianz France

"Paris Saint-Germain is a unique club that is at the forefront of international standards in the soccer sector. ESSEC is also one of the best business schools in the world. We are particularly proud to be involved in the ESSEC Sports Chair. We are driven by the same values ​​of excellence and commitment. Together, we will train leaders who will be inclusive, respectful, aspirational, and open, allowing new generations to stand out by being more creative and inventive”

Victoriano Melero, General Secretary at Paris Saint-Germain

"EDF is delighted to participate in the launch of the ESSEC Sports Chair. As an actor committed to the sports world for almost 30 years and partner of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we are particularly keen to see the challenges of environmental and social responsibility integrated into the teaching of this Chair."

Pierre Viriot, Directeur Communication Interne, Marque et Image d'EDF

“The Stade Français Paris is proud to join forces with ESSEC, an internationally renowned Grande Ecole de Commerce to develop its training for young people and together train those who will help us win tomorrow. The teams that win sustainably are those who think, those who train, those who interact to adapt, those who make diversity an asset and a means to success. We know that better men make better players and we are delighted that ESSEC is now supporting us in achieving our goals. "

Thomas Lombard, General Manager of Stade Français Paris


"The Federation is proud to support the creation of this chair dedicated to sport business and leadership. The sports industry, like basketball, is growing in France and the organization of the Olympic Games in Paris is a fantastic accelerator for our sector. In order to take full advantage of this, it is necessary to train future managers and leaders who know and understand the challenges and the significance of sport in our country. It is with this in mind that the FFBB, itself strongly focused on innovation and development, has chosen to support the ESSEC Sports Chair."

Jean-Pierre Siutat, Président de la Fédération Française de BasketBall


Through its unique, modern infrastructure located within an exceptional 28-hectare campus in the heart of the Bois de Vincennes in Paris, INSEP supports outstanding sporting performance in all its forms for elite athletes competing in all sports. The institute offers innovative support and individually tailored training programmes, medical care, research, psychological support as well as training and professional reorientation. Every day, athletes’ programmes are studied, remodelled and improved through the commitment, motivation and availability of all those working at INSEP. Each year, the institute reiterates its goal of optimising all areas to maximise the achievement of French athletes, enabling them to reach the top of the podium.

To have a strong immediate impact on young people, Sport dans la Ville is reaching out to them by setting up and offering its activities in the heart of their neighborhood.

" Going towards them " is an essential step to create contact and proximity, in order to create a real relationship of trust with each one.

The continuity of action and support over time (from 6 to 25 years) is a determining element of success. Being at the side of young people throughout their life as children and adolescents, and being able to support them in their first choices of young adults constitute a major component of Sport dans la Ville’s curriculum, which has a significant impact on professional integration programs.

The setting up of outings and “discovery” experiences, in order to allow young people to get out of their daily environment, creates leverage to inspire them: the desire to surpass themselves, the desire to believe in their own chances of success, the desire to work.


Since 2017, CY Initiative gathers CY Cergy-Paris University (University of Cergy-Pontoise), ESSEC Business School and two engineering schools (EISTI and ENSEA). Selected by the French government as one of the few national “Universities of Excellence” “to become a leading world-class university within 10 years, in the top 200 in international rankings like THE and QS and in the top 50 in selected fields of expertise » with an annual 9M€ budget


to broaden the scope of our centers of excellence

to foster interdisciplinary and intersectoral research

to promote strong international partnerships of excellence in research

Main tools :

1.Internal call for proposals (like CATTS, which act as an interdisciplinary hub and as an efficient interface between the academic world and the socio-economic and cultural worlds.). One existing internal funding programme is the centre of acceleration for technology and knowledge transfer (CATTS), whose 3 main axis are:

•Economy, Finance and Management,

•Heritage, Art and Luxury,

•Risk, security and society,

2. Chairs of excellence in selected topics

3. International partnerships : Warwick, VUB, NTU